We have tried to make this site as intuitive as possible, so hopefully you can master the site's capabilities very quickly. To help speed things along, however, we have developed a short series on popups that will navigate you around the site. You can leave this tutorial at any time, by clicking on one of the menu items at the top of the page. If you need to return to this page at any time, just click on the link on the How It Works & FAQ page.

First, let's just look at the Header Menu:


The Home Page is just the landing page and provides an outline to visitors on what he site is about.

Gift Inspiration

Gift Inspiration is a searchable and filterable set of potential gift ideas that you can look through to get some ideas of what you might want to buy.  If you click on an items on this page, it will take to to a more detailed outline of the item and either either visit the online store, add the items to your own wish list or return to the Gift Inspiration page. 

My Wish Lists

The My Wish List Page is the main page for Members.  Here you create and manage all your wish lists.  You can also see which wish lists you are following and who is following your wish lists.  You can also save details of upcoming events, so you can be notified.  


The Blog page includes articles on a range of gift-related topics, which you can look through to again get inspiration for your loved ones.


Most people stayed logged in, but if you log out or get logged out, just go to this page to log back in.

The Foot Menu is even more self-explanatory than the Header Menu, so we will leave you to look through this in your own time but it includes: About, Contact Us and How It Works & FAQs. The latter page is where you can find a link back to this welcome page.

My Wish Lists

The My Wish List Page is where you will manage your wish lists. Here you will see six tabs:


The Dashboard is a summary of the other tabs and includes:

  • Thumbnails of the lists, so you can easily click on the one you want to access.
  • Details of upcoming events, in date order, either for wish lists you are following or events you have put in to remind yourself, i.e. for those people who have not created a wish list.
  • A list of the members you are following
My Lists

This tab comprises all the lists you have created and lets you create, duplicate, share, edit and delete wish lists.  You can also change the privacy of your wish lists.

Lists I'm Following

This tab comprises a list of all the wish lists you are following, the creators of each lists and, if relevant, the date of the event for which the wish list relates.


This tab provides more details regarding the events that are due.  These exist either because they relate to a wish list you are following or they are for an event that you have added.  You can add to Upcoming Events on this page, like your Wedding, Anniversary or Birthdays for friends and family who have yet to create and share a wish list.


This is a list of possible occasions, so you can be certain you have everything covered.  You can create wish lists for each of the occasions directly on this page or you can add your own occasion if we have missed something.


This tab provides a list of people following one or more of your wish lists.  If necessary, you can stop individuals from following one, some or all of your wish lists.

Your Profile

You can also access your profile on this page, incase you want to amend it in some way. So if you did not put in your birthday, for example, this is where you would put it, so that your birthday wish list will automatically pick up the date.

How to Create and Manage Your Wish Lists

The best place to manage your wish lists is on the 'My Wish Lists' tab on the 'My Wish Lists' page. Here you will see a 'Add New List' box. If you click on this box, a popup screen will appear with the following fields for you to complete:

List Occasion

Describes the Occasion for which the wish list is being created.  There is a drop down menu, with potential occasions, or you can put Other to define your own Occasion.

List Title

In this box you put the title of the list.  You may decide to have more than one list for an occasion, say if you wanted one list for family and another list for friends or other groups, or if for your Anniversary you wanted to let people know the years.

Occasion Date

It is not essential to have a date for the wish list, but the date is used to send timely reminders to people following the list that your occasion is an upcoming event. 

Note about the list

This again is an optional field, which you can use to provide more information about the wish list.

Is your list....

Here you can indicate if your wish list is Private, where only you can see it, or Public, so it is visible to anyone following you.  A private wish list can be used to keep notes on items you have seen and want to think about, items that are out of stock and want to come back to or potential gifts you have seen for others you want to consider further or remind yourself closer to the relevant date.  The privacy setting defaults to Private.

Sent Notifications

There are three tick boxes setting when notifications are sent to followers about the wish list:

  • Each time the list is updated.
  • Each month.
  • A date approaching the occasion. 

Once you have populated the page, you can either Cancel or Create the wish list.

How to Add Items to your Wish List

There are four ways you can add items to your wish lists:

Shop Wish List Icon

One of the great features of Wishalogue, is that it comes with a plugin widget that online stores can use to feature a wish list, linked to Wishalogue.  The plugin is currently for WordPress sites, but it will be expanded to other eCommerce platforms.  Unlike many wish list buttons you see on sites, once you have a Wishalogue account, you do not have to reregister at every store. The plugin will recognise you has a Member of Wishalogue and allow you to add items directly to your wish lists.  Provided you give permission, the store will be informed, so they can notify you if they decide to have a sale or discount the item you added to your wish list.  The great thing with this approach is not only that you only have to register once, you only have to share one wish list containing items from many stores.  Great, don’t you think?

Browser Plugin

Wishalogue is in the process of developing Browser Plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.  If you download our free plug in and pin it to your browser bar, you will see our icon.  When you see an items you want, just clink on the icon and it will pick up details of the items in a popup box.  Just review the content, confirm the image and the wish lists to which you want to add the item and submit.  It is that easy!

Gift Inspiration Page

You would have noted that one of the Wishalogue pages is a Gift Inspiration page.  Here you will see loads of gift ideas, which you can search and filter.  If you see something you like, you can click on the item and then add it to your wish list or buy it straight away.  Cool.  By the way, Wishalogue may get a commission from some of the purchases through affiliate programmes,  This does not cost you anything, but it helps fund this site, which we would like to keep free of the annoying advert.


On your My Wish List Page, you can go to a wish list and click on Add to Wish List.  This will bring up the Add Item screen.  Just fill in the fields:

  • Product Name or Title
  • Website link, if relevant.  You an get this by clicking on the address bar at the top of the page where you see the product, and copying this into the field.  Alternatively, if the items is in a physical store, you can leave this blank.
  • Again, you can copy and paste an image, browse your files for the image or leave blank.
  • Add the price and the Quantity, and if you have and specific requirements, like size or colour, add them to the Notes section.
  • Then hit Save if you are happy or Cancel if you decide not to add the item.  Admittedly, this is more cumbersome that the other methods, but you can add any items or make any wish with this approach, as you are not limited to online purchases.

How to Manage your Wish List

So now you have wish lists, you will need to manage them effectively to get the most out of it. Check out the Blog on the Best ways to Manage your Wish Lists for some guidance. There are four actions that you can do with the wish lists you have created:


The wish list makes it easy for your friends and family to know what you want and to easily and quickly buy it.  For this to work, you need to share the wish list.  If you go to the relevant wish list, you will see a Share Wish List icon. Clicking on this will open the Share List popup, which has two methods of sharing your wish list:

You can copy the link to your wish list and paste this into a message (text, messenger, email, etc).

You can list the relevant email addresses in the box provided and send it directly from your Wishalogue Account.


From the My Wish List page, on the My Wish List tab, you will see all of the wish lists you have created.  Note that if you have created a lot, they may be spread over more than one page.  Click on the edit icon and you will be able to change  details of your wish list.


From the My Wish List page, on the My Wish List tab, you will see all of the wish lists you have created.  Note that if you have created a lot, they may be spread over more than one page.  Click on the duplicate icon of the relevant list and a second version of the wish list will appear.  It will be given a default name, similar to the ou will be able to change  details of your wish list.


When you need to delete an entire wish list, just hit the delete button.  Unlike gift items, you will not be able to retrieve or undelete a deleted wish list, so you will be given a warning.

How to Manage Items on your Wish List

So you have created a wish list, added items to it using one of the four methods outlined above and shred with with family and friends. Hopefully, come the occasion, most of the gifts you received are ones you wanted and your loved ones are delighted, not only because they have been able to give you something you wanted, but also because it was so easy. When someone buys an items fromyour wish list, they are asked to indicate that the items has been bought. As creator of the wish list, you will not see this message, but others will. This is to prevent you receiving more than one of the same item. The gift, however, does not get removed from your wish list, so you need to periodically review your wish list to ensure they are up to date. Within your wish list, you can do three things:


Editing the gift, takes you to the Add Item popup, where you can make amendments.  You may have seen the items cheaper somewhere else or have changed you mind about the colour.  This is where you can change the details.

Add to Another Wish List

Having added an item to one of your wish lists, you may decide you want to add it to another of your wish lists.  This button will bring up a list of all your wish lists, so you can add it to one or more of your lists.

I Have Received This Gift

When you get the gift you want, you need to make sure you tell Wishalogue, so that it is removed from your wish list.  You can easily add again, by going into the Received Item tab on the Wish List page.  You may be prompted to send a thank you message to the person who gave you the gift.


If you ever change your mind and no longer want the gift, you can just delete it.  This will move the items into the deleted items tab, which you can see when on your wish lists page.

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