How to Maintain the Perfect Birthday Wish List – 12 Essential Tips

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So, another year another birthday.  Socks again, or perhaps chocolates or even smellies? If you want to avoid poorly considered gifts (that you politely accept but never intend to use or wear), start w wish list. Wish lists are not just for Weddings or a child’s Christmas stockings.  There are a host of reasons why you should keep a wish list on the go.  None of them, have anything to do with asking for a gift.  We all have busier and busier lives and much greater choice.  It is no surprise your loved ones find it hard to find you the right present.  Finding the right gift takes times and can be a challenge.   Having a wish list to share is the way to help others.  It is also far more common than you might think.  After all, having a wish list makes life just a little easier for everyone.  Your friends and family do not have to search for the right gifts.  You don’t have to feign pleasure and wonder how you can dispose of the latest unwanted gift.


woman not happy with her gift - wishlist wish list maker like amazon wishlist gift ideas for her him teen partner wedding wishlist mother father bad giftsWhy have a wish list

Firstly, having a wish list is not the same as asking for a present.  One is sensible and informative, the other is greedy and presumptuous.  With a wish list, you are just letting people know the types of things you like.
Secondly, if someone is going to buy you a gift, they will get you a gift.  If they are not going to get you a gift, they won’t.  Having a wish list just makes it easier for those people who want to give you something.
Unlike having a Wedding wish list, there is little etiquette you need to follow.  If you want guidance on setting up a Wedding wish list, check out my article here.  It is similar to this one, but includes points specific to a Wedding wish list.  This article covers:

  • How to make a Birthday wish list
  • How to create and populate a Birthday Wish List
  • Some tips to help you along the way

All the guidance covered in this article is relevant to seasonal festivals, like Diwali, Eide and Christmas.


grandfather receiving gifts - universal wish list creator like amazon wishlist great gift ideas for him her teens partner wedding wishlist gifts for father motherHow to make a wish list

Do you ever get asked what you want for your birthday or for Christmas by a loved one? Or, if you have kids, do you get asked what they want?  Well, a wish list takes away the need for questions like that.  Whilst wish lists tended only to be used for Weddings, the internet has made their use much more acceptable and effective.  Many online stores already have wish lists incorporated within their buying process.  You and your loved ones, however, are often limited to large online stores. These may not sell the specialist item you want, so…

Tip Number One

When creating a wish list

When creating a wish list, use a universal wish list maker, like, which lets you add items from anywhere onto your wish list.

You can also create and share different wish lists for different groups of people and/or for different occasions.  This not only makes it easier for you to manage, it makes the shopping experience much easier for your loved ones.

To make a wish list on, first register your details and then verify your email account. will take you through how the site works, but in effect you can create any number of wish lists that can either be private or public, ie visible to everyone following you or just to you.  There are 3 ways you can add items to your wish lists:

  1. The site has Occasion pages with trending gifts and a searchable Gift Inspiration page. If you see something you want on these pages, just click on the add to wish list icon.
  2. Once you have created a wish list and downloaded the plugin, you can go to any website and click on the plugin icon.
  3. You can add items manually, by going to a wish list and clicking on Add to Wishlist.  This brings up a screens which you simply complete.

Sharing your wish list

Once you have created your wish list, you need to let people know about it.  There are several ways this can be done, but note the guidance below relates to birthday or seasonal wish lists and not Wedding wish lists.  These are similar in many ways, but there is different etiquette that should be followed.

  • If you are having a party, you may be tempted to add details of the list to the invitation, but don’t. You want your friends and family to be present.  If you include details of a wish list on the invitation, however, it appears you just want their presents!
  • Unlike a Wedding wish list, it is acceptable to share a general wish list on a Social Media platform. A general list is just part of who you are, and it is part of the sharing of your life.  If you are having a party, however, don’t make any reference to your wish list at the same time – see above.
  • You can also share the link to your wish list by email or text, so others can access it. When you share it, make sure you are telling people about your setting up or updating the wish list.  Otherwise it might sound you are asking for gifts.

Tip Number Two

Share your wish list as something informative, like you would your opinion on something.  Don’t link it to a gathering.

How to create and populate a Wish List

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If you have already registered at, go to your My List page and create a wish list with a suitable name.  If not, verify your email and go back to the site.  You will be taken through a series of setup pages that will help you navigate the site and create wish lists.

When creating your wish list, make sure you give it a relevant name; you may have more than one wish list, so this will make it easier for you and your loved ones to get the right one.  Once you have created your wish list, check out the Occasions’ pages, to see the range of trending items, and the searchable Gift Inspiration page for ideas.  On the latter page, you can filter your search to target potential gifts.  Having browsed these pages, if there is anything else you want to add, either go to your wish list to add the items manually or download the browser plugin and surf the web to easily add other items to your wish list.

Twelve tips to help you along the way


1. What type of wish list should you have?

As above, use a universal wish list maker, like, it makes life so much easier for you and your loved ones.


2. How should you let people know about your wish list?

Again, as above, share your wish list so it can inform.  You are letting others know you have created or updated a wish list and not asking for gifts.


3. When should you create your wish list?

Straight away.  Whilst you clearly don’t have a birthday all the time, you want the wish list to be a bit like posting on your social media page.  As a when you like something and go off something, update your wish lists.  In this way, you are not posting to ask for something, you are demonstrating your interest in an item.  Don’t leave it too late, since this makes it a chore and you never know when your loved ones intend to buy you a gift.  You can also adjust your wish lists over time and, of course, some of your friends and family may be looking to buy you a gift at other times of the year.


4. Be honest with yourself

This isn’t the time to put on a show and include things that you think you ought to have on a wish list.  The whole purpose of this approach is for your loved ones to get you things that you want and that you will use.


5. Manage your wish lists regularly:

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A wish list should not be a ‘fire-and-forget’ scenario; you need to routinely manage your wish list:

  • Your first list will be populated with all the excitement of a kid in a sweet shop, so chances are it will not be as accurate as it could be. Review it periodically to ensure the items you have listed are the ones you want.
  • If you are managing your wish list correctly, you will have at least one wish list for people to view all year round, so you may have included items that are seasonal or only available for a short while. It is important that you check these items regularly, so that you do not have a load of items on your wish list that are no longer available.
  • As people buy you presents, you may note that certain price ranges go quickly. Throughout the run up the special occasion (Birthday, Mother’s Day, Bah Mitzva, etc), you need to ensure your loved ones have a choice, so if all the gifts from a certain price range go, repopulate.
  • If you know that you are going to have to repopulate, start with the items you really want and don’t put everything on your list right away. You may add a ‘throw away’ item on the list, just to give people a choice, but this gift may be purchased ahead of something you really want.  To make it easier, lets you set up multiple wish lists, which can also be private, so you can add items to a private secondary list, so you can find them quickly for when you want to add them to your shared wish list.
  • Most gifts are purchased within 4 weeks of your birthday and 8 weeks before a seasonal event like Christmas, so pay particular attention during this time to ensure the list remains updated and includes a choice of items you want. Additionally, after the occasion, make sure you go through your wish list to remove items you no longer need, as your loved ones may not have done this.

6. Provide choice for your family and friends

Chances are you have a range of people looking to buy you a present.  Whilst they may all be close family members or friends, they will have different budgets.  If you do not provide a choice for your loved ones, you may find they choose not to get you a gift.  How much would you spend on a friend or a family member?  How much would you want your generous parents to spend on you?  This starts to give you an understanding of the price range you should include, unless you suggest loved ones chip in towards the same gift.  Additionally, as people start to buy you gifts, you want to ensure the others still have choice.  If you know roughly how many people are likely to buy you a gift, look to have at least twice this number of items on your wish list.


7. Get inspiration

At, we have included various Occasions’ pages, comprising trending items, but don’t limit yourself to just the relevant Occasion page; you can always check out tone of the other Occasion pages, as well as Gift Inspiration, for other ideas.  Sites like IWOOT, Amazon and John Lewis also have details of items that are trending that are worth checking out and, if you see something you like and have downloaded the browser plugin, you can easily add items you like.


8. It is OK to ask for cash

It used to be considered inappropriate to ask for a cash gift, but there are times when it is acceptable.  If you have a specific gift in mind, asking for a contribution may be appropriate.  If you are going to add a cash fund, however, make it personal and specific.  Don’t just ask for money, let people know what the money is for and why you want the particular gift; tell the story, so people relate to your situation.  This way, they don’t just feel they are giving you money, they are helping you with your dreams.


9. What if you already have everything you need or want

If you already have everything you could possibly need or want, congratulations; to have little or no desire for more things is a lovely place to be.  This does not, however, prevent you from having a birthday wish list.  You could add experience gifts from Red Letter Days or Buyagift or a voucher for your favourite restaurant or cinema chain.  I sometimes ask for charitable donations in my name.  One of my favourite gifts is a picture of a Ugandan toilet, ‘twinned’ with mine by a friend’s donation.


daughter giving her dad a gift - father's day gift ideas wishlist wish list maker like amazon wishlist gift ideas for her him teen partner wedding wishlist10. Keep it easy for everyone

The whole point of any wish list, is to make it easy for everyone; your loved ones and you.  A universal wish list maker, like, takes care of most of the problems but there are two potential pitfalls you need to manage yourself:

  • Shipping: Make sure the items on your wish list can be shipped to your address. Some companies only ship within their nation and others expect you to collect.  Avoid these items.
  • Returns: Whilst lets people indicate if they have purchased a gift from your wish list, so others don’t also buy the item, people do not always do this.  As such, on the off chance that you get 6 pairs of headphones, make sure the returns and/or exchange policy allows you to rectify the problem.

11. Keep it going

This is similar to some of the previous tips, creating your wish list early and manage it throughout the year.  There are plenty of other occasions when your loved ones may be looking to give you a present.  Additionally, you never know if you are going to get a belated gift. lets you create as many wish lists as you like, so consider creating other wish lists, like your anniversary, to make giving gifts easier.

12. Don’t forget to say thank you

Friends and family have been generous, so show them how much you appreciate their kindness.  Emails and text are not sufficient for this, so send hand-written thank you cards as soon as you can.  You can always buy personalised thank you cards to make this easier.

I hope you have found this article helpful.  You should now go to to register and set up your wish lists.  Check out other articles from and/or start creating your wish lists at  As always, any feedback or more ideas are always welcome.


All the best and Happy Gifting


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Happy Gifting, In Friendship


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