How This Site Works &
Frequently Asked Questions

How This Site Works

We have tried to make the whole process as simple as possible.  Once you register, you will be taken through a welcome walkthrough, which will show you some of the steps.  Alternatively, just read through the stages below and do not forget to add the Wishalogue Browser Plugin.

1. Creating a Wish List

Once you have registered, you can create as many wish lists as you like. 

Go to the ‘My List’ page to ‘Add New List’:

  • Use the pull-down to select the relevant Occasion
  • Give you wish list a title or name
  • If relevant, add the date of the occasion
  • If necessary, provide a description of the wish list
  • You can then set you list to public or leave it as a private list, as default.
  • Finally, set how you want notifications to be sent to your followers
  • You can change any of these details at a later date

Press Create and congratulations, you have created your first wish list

Mother and daughter happy

2. Adding Items to Your Wish List

There are a few ways you can add items to a wish list:

a. Gift Inspiration Page

On the gift inspiration page, if you see an item you would like to add to a wish list, just click on the ‘Add to Wish List’ button

  • If you have more than one wish list, you will see a pop-up window asking you to indicate on which wish list you would like to add the items.
  • You can add the item to as many wish lists as you want.

b. Wish List Page

On the wish list page, you can click on the Add Item button, which will bring up a pop-up page.

  • Type in the name of the items you want in the ‘What would you like?’ field
  • If you have found an item online, you just cut and paste the item’s url (the content of address bar at the top of the page) into the ‘Website link’.
  • You should then be able to add an image of the item you want
  • Add the price, the quantity and any notes, such as colour and size of the item
  • Save

c. Using the Wishalogue Add to Wish List Button in Stores

There is a simple-to-use plugin that online stores can add to their websites, which creates a link to Wishalogue. 

  • Those stores who have signed up to use the Wishalogue Store Plugin will display the Wishalogue Logo and the Wishalogue Favicon next to the Add to Wish List button.
  • Just click on the Add to Wish List button and a list of your wish lists will appear
  • Add the item to as many wish lists as you like

Note, each time you add an item to a wish list from a store, the store will have a record, so they can keep you updated on the item and send you marketing information.  You can, however, chose not to be contacted, although the fact an item has been added to a wish list will be shared with the store, so they are better able to manage their products.

d. Using the Wishalogue Browser Plugin

If you have downloaded the Browser Plugin, you have made adding an item almost as simple as using the store Wishalogue plugin.

  • On the webpage of the item you want, just click on the icon for the Wishalogue Browser Plugin
  • Pick the image you want to display
  • Check that the information capture by the plugin is correct. If not, just manually update accordingly
  • Confirm the quantity and any notes, such as colour or size
  • Select one or more of your wish lists
  • Click on Add to Wish List

3. Sharing a Wish List

When you are ready to share your wish list, go to the relevant Wish List page.  

  • Click on the Share Wish List button, which will bring up the Share List pop-up page.
  • You can now either
  • Click on the Copy button to get a link to your list, which you can send to friends and family via email or messenger; or
  • Add email addresses to the bottom field and click on the Send button

Note, if your friends decide to follow you or your list, they will be ale to see updates, so it is important you keep your wish lists updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wish Lists

Do you have to be a Member to use the site?

No, non-members can still get some great benefits from using this site:

  • Access to the Gift Inspiration page, so you can search for great gifts.
  • Access to the various blogs, to be inspired or to help you work out how to find the perfect gift.

The things is, why not join? 

  • It doesn’t take long, and you can then create your own wish list and share it.
  • You will be able to access other wish lists.
  • You will be able to ask for advice or gift ideas in the discussion groups.
  • You can be reminded of key dates, so you never miss a birthday or anniversary.

Having a wish list is not asking for a gift; it is making life easier for loved ones to give you something you want. 

Can I have more than one wish list?

Yes, you can have as many wish lists as you like, either public or private. 

Public Lists: You may want:

  • Different wish lists for the same occasion, so that you can share the wish lists with a different group of friends or family.
  • Different lists, or duplicate lists, for different occasions, so that your family and friends can be notified of an upcoming occasion.
  • Wish lists for children, who are too young to have an wish list on their own. They also may want different lists, such as birthdays lists, Christmas lists and Stocking lists.

Private Lists: Sometimes you may want a private list, ie one that no one else can see.  These will usually be used:

  • When you find an item you want to get yourself at a later date.
  • When you find a potential gift for someone else and you want to keep a record of it, so you remind yourself closer to the time.

When you first create a list, the default is set to private, so you can consciously decide to make it visible to others. 

How do I obtain the Wishalogue Browser Plugin?

We have developed a browser extension plugin that works for FirefoxChrome and Edge.  If you use any of these browsers, you can download the browser extension free of charge, which makes adding items to wish lists very easy.  Follow the relevant link and check it out.

Why should I have a wish list?

The simple answer to this question is that is makes life easier for everyone.  Your loved ones want to give you a present but may struggle knowing what to get you.  There are things you want and, just as importantly, things you do not want.  The common solutions to this are to:

  • Ask someone else, but this assumes others know and they also want to get the perfect gift.
  • Ask you, but what do you say and what happens if lots of people ask you? How expensive is the gift for which you are asking? Also, the surprise has gone. 
  • They could spend time researching you, but maybe none of you have the time and what about those things you have always wanted but now feel silly mentioning?
  • Give you money or a voucher, but unless this is for a huge amount, the gift won’t fill you with much delight.

Having a wish list just makes it easier all round.  They can quickly scroll through a list of things that you would like, matching items to their budget.  They could even link in with other friends and family to buy you the more expensive gifts that you would not otherwise have mentioned to anyone.  You not only receive presents you want, you also have the surprise. 

To make life easier all around, it is best if as many people as possible have a wish list. 

How to I buy something from a wish list?

When you want to buy someone a gift, scroll through the list of wish lists to which you have access, until you get to the one you require. Click on this, and you will be presented with a view of the wish list. You can either scroll through this full list, having ordered or sorted it in a number of different ways (cost, when added, etc) or undertake a search to create a subset of the entire wish list. Once you have found a suitable item, check to see if the specific items is desired or ‘something like this’.

  • Specific items: click on the item and you will be taken to the supplier’s website. Place the order, as directed by the supplier’s website.
  • Something like this: click on the item and you will be taken to the supplier’s website. Even if you are taken to a specific item, spend sometime browsing the product range until you find something you would like to get. Place the order, as directed by the supplier’s website.

If you see something you like for yourself, you can add it to your page or make the purchase for yourself. If you decide to make the purchase as a gift for the owner of the wish list, please indicate on the wish list that you have bought the item, so that others know not to buy it.  The owner of the wish list will not see this, unless they subsequently try to delete the item, but other friends and family members will be able to see that the items has already been purchased. This will prevent multiple gifts of the same item, unless you want multiple gifts of the same item.

How do I find out if someone has a wish list on Wishalogue?

From the My List page, click on the Following tab.  Here you will be presented with a search function.  Fill in the relevant details hit return.

How can I get access the Welcome page for the navigation tutorial?

Just click here and it will take you to the relevant page.

Costs and Income

How much does it cost to create a wish list on Wishalogue?

Wish lists are free, so make as many as you need.  Remember, however, you need to keep them up to date, particularly the public ones, as people will looking to see what to get you, so try to keep the number to a manageable level.

How does this site make money?

Affiliate Marketing

Some income is generated through affiliate marketing like Amazon Associates and AWIN, although not all items are included within an affiliate programme. This means that if you purchase an item by clicking to the provider site via The Best Gift Site and you have accepted the cookies, we will receive a commission for the sale of the item, if it is included within an affiliate programme to which we have signed up. This does not affect the price you pay for the item, so it does not cost you any more money.

Subscription Fees

Stores who use our ‘Add To Wish List’ function, pay a small monthly fee.

Sales of Gifts

As this site develops, we will look to include our own store comprising of items we think would make great gifts.

How do we create content for the blogs?

All the content on this site has been planned and edited by us to ensure it meet the highest quality standards. Whilst we try to write most of the content ourselves, we do occasionally ask friends to help out or use freelance writers to help draft articles. Nothing, however, is put online without our reviewing it and giving it the green light, to ensure it aligns with the site’s mission. This is to ensure all the information we publish is accurate and you can trust it to help you make purchasing decisions.

As much as possible, we try to get our hands on the items mentioned in the blog posts, to get real-life experience with them, but it is not always possible.   If we have not been able to sample potential gifts, we research the items and review comments from other consumers.

I do not accept fees for publishing content.  We want this site to identify great gifts and help people find the perfect gifts for loved ones.  As such, we do not advertise no do we take money to include items in the content.

Bottom line is that I want this site to be a place you can trust and not rigged by brand sponsorship, so that you can use the information to make the best decisions for yourself when it comes to buying gifts.

User Accounts

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click in the “Forgotten Password?” text just below the Password box.  Follow the online instructions.

Will the site share my data?

When a store adds a Wishalogue ‘Add to Wish List’ icon to its site, it will capture details of any customers who adds one of its items to their wish list, as they would if they used a single-store wish list.  You can chose to opt out of receiving marketing material or update, although sometime you may want to add an item to a wish list because it is out of stock, and a store could let you know when it is back in stock.  If you chose to opt out, the store will still be able to see that an items has been added to a wish list but will not be able to see the contact details of the customer who did so.

Other than that, Wishalogue will never sell or share personal data. With your explicit permission, which will only be sought when trying to resolve a specific issue for you, we may share your details if it is required. 

The Wishlogue may use your contact details to send you information that we think will be of interest, such as adding you to the newsletter, but your contact details will not be shared with a third party.  Wishalogue may use the content of your wish lists to provide other users with gift ideas or to show what items are trending, but in so doing, the items will not be associated with an individual or a wish list.

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