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teacher crafting with kids - gift for teachers - wish list amazon wishlist gift ideasLet’s face it. Teachers have been turned inside out and upside down this year. In a typical year, teaching is hard. Throw in virtual classrooms, technical difficulties, new curriculums, the urgency to find a way through this new wave of instructing, and you have yourself a generation of teachers that deserve the world of infinite appreciation.

Teachers can be one of the most important people in our children’s lives. Anyone who has had a great teacher knows the strong impact they have on our growth and development, which is all the more reason to make sure the teacher in your life knows just how much they’re appreciated.

Whether you want to brighten up your teacher’s desk with a new accessory or help them blow off steam in their downtime, [say a hovercraft ride or a spa day]  there’s no gesture that will go unnoticed by these professionals who shape and mould our children’s minds.

One of the easiest ways to get just what they’d covet would be to ask your children’s teachers for their wish list of course, but this may be a little too personal and so we hope our curated list of the best inspired teacher gifts will help you find items that will fit the bill and work year-round, from the first bell of the school year to the end of final exams.


Books, books, books

From all our teacher friends one of the top gift requests by far, is a book.

So many teachers who would love to receive something for their library or even a book store gift card so they can purchase what they need for their classroom.

And for that special touch why choose a book where you know they are passionate about the subject, and have your child sign the inside of the gift book with a special note to make it personal.

Gift to Gift

With so many charities in need of support this year (and well, every year), this is such a wonderful sentiment.

It’s a fabulous way to get kids into the spirit of giving. A charity gift card is really cool, because it allows the teacher to choose his or her own pet cause to donate to.

Or if your kids support something meaningful (ours love of all things eco so Surfers Against Sewage or The Seahorse Trust) that also feels personal and teach your children the spirit of giving, too.  One of my favourites is the Toilet Twinning, where you can twin someone’s toilet to one in Uganda, say.  You event get a certificate.

Feed Their Souls

afternoon tea - gift for teacher wishlist amazon wish listHungry work looking after our children so what about feeding their souls for the end of term or beyond?

The latest foodie love sweeping the world is grazing boards!  Back in the day, we called it a cheese board or a cheese platter, or just dip and nibbles – showing my age! Pimp it up however and you get a positive feast of delights.  All over the globe but we love these from Graze By Dish and Garner & Graze! Send one to school to share, or set up a regular order!

Another one of our favourites is Afternoon Tea.  These come in all shapes and sizes but the quintessential afternoon tea will keep them fed into supper time with tiny morsels of deliciousness beautifully presented! Look locally, or spread their wings and why not send them for Afternoon Tea in a castle.

Fortnum_and_Mason_Open_Summer_Cheese_Grazing_Homepage_Hero - gift for teacher - food gifts wish list amazon wishlist

For a foodie gift that gives all year, and keeps them snacking health on their return to school in September, what about a nibble subscription.  Graze offer some great subscription options and you can mix and match your choices depending on your teacher! Or a luxury food item from Fortnum & Mason, which I personally love.


Caffeinated to Conquer

Twinnings Tea gift bag - gift for teacher - wishlist wish list gift ideasMost teachers love coffee or tea! Rainy day and winter and they need a hot drink with caffeine, summer and who doesn’t love iced coffee or tea?

Gifting your children’s teacher an indulgent Coffee bag to enjoy in that holiday ‘me time’ or signing them up for a year of the good stuff that will keep them on their game!  Or, if they are a tea drinker, they may prefer something like this Tea Tray Gift or one of the Twinnings’ Gift Bags; something different that comes in a range of prices.  On the other hand, if you are looking for something small, what about a mug that says what you think, with one of the teacher mugs at one of our sister stores on Esty.


Gifts of Inspiration

Teacher Mug - Gift for Teacher - amazon wish list wishlist gift ideas

Art is what makes us human, that is why it is so important in schools. Art teaches students to step out of their comfort zones and explore new horizons in self-expression and creativity, which in turn, will allow for greater advancements in society.

Why not inspire them, and their teacher with some positive uplifting quotes to add to the children’s art, and motivate and encourage them every single day?

This beautiful uplifting quote is sure to life those spirits – and better still it’s printed on eco paper that saves damaging algae from entering our oceans.

What about saying thank you in a unique way whilst inspiring them too?  This definition of all things teacher on a highly useful mug will certainly help with that.


Keep Them Learning

Soap Making Kit Melt and Pour Arts and Craft Gift - gift for teachers wish listThe greatest gifts aren’t always those that you can hold or package with beautiful wrapping paper and a handmade bow. The beautiful part of giving the gift of learning is that often times the person giving the gift finds the gift-giving just as fulfilling as the person receiving the gift.

Staying home is something we’ve all had to do in recent years and, if your children’s teacher is a home bird but loves to create, what about a Eco-friendly Shibori Dye Kit or one of the best books on tie dying, Tie-Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It by designer and artist Shabd Simon-Alexander, Other craft kits worth considering are Candle Making Kits or Soap Making Kit – Melt and Pour from The Soap Foundry.  For other ideas, check out this series of blogs on Arts and Craft Gifts.

Chocolate making course - gift for teacher - amazon wedding wish list wishlistMany of us are keen to get out and about fuelling passions that have been stifled and the school holidays is the perfect time to give it a go.  So, consider getting your own back by giving them an online course from Udemy.   If you think a more hands-on approach would be better, check out local classes in bread making, smoking or chocolate making.


Teacher On the Move

Personalised water bottle - gift for teacher wish list amazon wedding wishlistTeachers on the move!  Exploring, travelling (as much as they can at the moment), picnics in the local park or just out and about locally.  If your children’s teacher is an outdoorsy type or likes all things eco then what about a personalized water bottle?

Keeping their coffee habit on track and staying eco too, most takeaway coffee shops are now accepting reusable cups again.  You can either go for a Thermos Style Travel Mug, an Insulated Stainless Steel travel mug or a Reusable Takeaway Cup, all of which can be personalized.  Just pick the one you think they might like the most.


Nurturing Health

Foraging course - gift for teacher - wedding amazon wish listA teacher who is healthy should be more likely to teach lessons which are creative, challenging and effective, leading to students doing better in exams. Returning for a full year and getting students back into the rhythm has been tough.

The holidays are coming up and some self-care at home could be just the ticket or what about a relaxing gift that gives them true time out either in the wild, such as foraging day out or cosied up in a revitalising Salt Cave for the day? It could be just what they need.


A Positive Year

When much of the media is full of doom and gloom, focusing the mind on positive happy news about things going right has to be an uplifting way forward.

Three publications doing great things to support all things mental health – teacher and children alike – with subscriptions to suit all budgets and the perfect teacher gift to spread over the year.

Check out the gift subscription from The Happy Newspaper, an independent media publication fully hand illustrated and delivered quarterly.

Positive News for a year once every two months with in-depth and far-reaching global articles to stretch the happiness, or a personal focus from all things Happiful.

Whichever you choose, giving the gift of happy can’t be a bad thing now, can it?


vintage-wine-gift-box - gift for teacher wedding graduation wish list giftsAt last but not least we’re told that some teachers do rather like a tipple or two (outside of work of course!). Wine is always going to be a hit. If you want to make it a truly special gifts, you could either add a personalised wine box or look for something really special with a vintage wine or port.

But as our final lowdown on teacher gifting what about shaking it up with something with a twist?  Cocktails are this summer’s newest sensation so why not mix it up with something new and send them a box of freshly made cocktails to keep their summer flowing with holiday vibes?!

Finally, you may want to get something for the School, either to say thank you or to help enhance your child’s education.  Ask he School or the PTA if they have a wish list at  If so, check it out.  If not, suggest the School registers and creates an account.


Whichever gift you choose to say thank you to the teacher that inspires the minds of your children, compassionately supports them and feeds their creative and explorative spirits, we’re sure it will warm their hearts and carry them forward with passion for the year ahead.  So tell us, what are you choosing to say thank you this year?


Happy Gifting, In Friendship


Please note that Wishalogue makes income from affiliate marketing, including Amazon Associates.  This means we may receive a small commission on some of the item you purchase, but this will not cost you any more.  If you want to know more about how we generate income, have a look at the About page, which also outlines our primary purpose, making your life easier.
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