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What is Wishalogue?

Wishalogue is a universal wish list maker, so you can create a catalogue of all your wishes and share them with loved ones.  What is great is that being a universal wish list maker, your wish list is not limited to just one site – you can add items from any site or even manually.  We also have browser plugins to make adding items really easy.

Wishalogue is also a great place to come for some inspiration for gift ideas.  Wondering what to get her or him? Don’t know what gift you buy you Mum or Dad?  What should you get a teenage boy?  Answers to all those questions and more can be found on this site. You can either click on one of the occasions icons below, or go to the gift inspiration page and search for ideas. 

Why Use Wishalogue?

Wishalogue is the perfect place to record all those things that you want, so that you can share your wishes with friends and family. 

Being a universal wish list, you are not limited to just one site; you can add items from any store or add items manually, and share the list with family and friends. 

In this way, not only are you more likely to receive the gifts you want, you are helping your family and friends to quickly buy you the perfect gift.  No need for them to spend hours wondering what to get you.  No need to search through several wish lists from different stores.  Just one with list, with the things you want and a quick purchase. 

What is more, you can have more than one wish list, so you can have different lists for different occasions; have different lists for the same occasion, but for different groups of friends; and even have a private wish list to either save items you want to get yourself or as a reminder of gifts you want to get others.  Wishalogue, life just got a little easier. 

Wishalogue also provides gift inspiration.  We have a Gift Inspiration page that you can search for the perfect gift for your loved on.  The curated items are gathered from what others want and what we think your loved ones will like.  You can filter your search by gender, age or occasion.  This way you can quickly find a gift for him or her, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or an Anniversary present.  Wishlogue and been developed to make life just a little easier. 

Make life easier. Make and share a wish list.

How it works


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Once registered, you can create as many wish lists as you want, public or private, and then add items from the gift inspiration page or other websites or manually.  If you download the plugin, it will make adding items even easier. 
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When you are ready, you can share a link to any of your public wish lists by email or social media.


You have just made life a little bit easier by helping your loved ones buy you the gifts you want, without spoiling to surprise.

Still Unsure?

Obviously, you don’t have to join, but it makes life easier for you and for your loved ones.  Have a look at the following statements and if any resonate with you, you will find this site useful and/or enjoy the content:

  • You have a very busy life and seldom have the luxury to research gifts for friends and family, let alone run around buying them all.
  • You want one place that will fill you with gift ideas, so you don’t have to search lots of site.
  • You just need an idea of what to get someone.
  • You are tired on getting ‘the usual’ thoughtless present – socks, underwear, smellies, a voucher!!
  • You want to give a special gift that inspires and/or delights the recipient.
  • You can’t always remember what you want when asked or find it difficult to tell others.
  • It is too difficult to explain the specialised item you would like or your loved one has a hobby, requiring specialised kit that you know nothing about.
  • You want to share your experience of receiving a gift, good or bad.
Daughter Mother Grandmother gift wish list and gift ideas

But if you do...

  • You make your loved ones lives easier, by letting them know what gift they could get you:
    • No having to think of something ‘on the hoof’.
    • No awkward discussion on how much they intend to spend.
    • No spoiled surprise.
    • Just direct any queries to this site – simples!
  • You can build your own wish list, with anything you want, without having to ask anyone for anything.
  • You can have multiple wish lists to share with different groups of friends and family.
  • You can have different wish lists for different occasions.
  • You can have a private list that can’t be seen, for example to remember an item to buy at a later date or to collate your own ideas for things to get others.
  • You can see what your friends and family desire and can buy them something they want that is within your price range, without having to ask them.
  • You can download the plugin to make adding items to wish lists even simpler. 
  • You get to join a community to provide suggestions and ideas, as well as ask for help.
  • You get timely notice of:
    • The latest blog release.
    • Birthdays and other occasions for people you follow, in case you want to buy a gift or card.
    • Any discounts available, particularly for gifts on wish lists you are following.
  • All this help and all absolutely free
Daughter Mother Grandmother gift wish list and gift ideas

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